Frank de Boer out as Crystal Place manager

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Crystal Palace‘s position at the bottom of English Premier League standings has induced the club to make a sideline change. The team announced the firing of manager Frank de Boer on Monday, doing so despite hiring him less than three months ago.

This continues an impatient pattern for this franchise.

Crystal Palace will now hire Roy Hodgson to replace de Boer. Hodgson will replace de Boer, who took over for Sam Allardyce, who succeeded Alan Pardew. However, all of this turnover has transpired since 2016. Hodgson is set to sign a two-year deal, ESPN reports. De Boer, though, agreed to a three-year contract upon signing.

The 47-year-old Dutchman expressed disappointment in Crystal Palace’s decision, via Instagram.

Crystal Palace has struggled throughout the season thus far, leading to another shakeup. The Eagles sit in 19th place (out of 20 teams), having lost three of their first four matches. Only West Ham, which has been outscored by eight goals compared to Crystal Palace’s seven, sits behind the Eagles.

The club has yet to score this season, and its most recent defeat — 1-0 at Burnley on Sunday — included a wide-open miss from Scott Dann. It’s unlikely, however, Dann making this header would have stalled the inevitable much longer. The club has displayed tendencies that would have surely led to the ouster of de Boer sooner or later this season.

This also marks another short tenure with a team for de Boer. He served as Inter Milan’s manager for just 85 days in 2016. However, de Boer led Ajax to four Eredivisie titles in the Netherlands during the 2010s prior to joining Milan.

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