Four NHL Trade Deadline Rumors That Are True

It'd be surprising to see Zack Kassian in Vancouver this summer.

The next month of NHL coverage is frequently referred to as “crazy season.” If general managers and owners go bonkers in July as free agency strikes, then those covering the game lose their minds as the trade deadline approaches.

It’s the perfect time to speculate endlessly. About a team’s future, about who is buying, who is selling, who fancies themselves a Stanley Cup champion and so on. Sometimes the hypothesizing isn’t all that constructive or healthy though, and it can be tough to cut through the garbage to find that nugget of truth (if there is one).

That’s what we’re here for. To break down all the latest trade rumors for you, and then determine whether or not they make sense or not. We’ll consider these rumors from all angles: monetary or otherwise. Anyone on TV can stare at their Blackberry while pretending to be an “insider” of some kind.

That doesn’t make their words Gospel though. Let’s find out who’s full of it and which parts of the rumor mill actually make sense.

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