Fixing the National League All-Star Ballot

Just because the fans vote for a player doesn’t mean he should start the All-Star Game. Here are the guys who should for the National League.

The All-Star Game, which will take place in Cincinnati on July 14, is right around the corner.

Major League Baseball has been releasing a series of ballot updates in the weeks leading up to the game, keeping the public aware of who which players are leading in fan votes at their respective positions. Of course, the fans do not always get it right – though they are doing a better job in the NL than the AL– and that can sometimes be a cause for controversy. After all, the MLB All-Star Game is not a traditional pro sports exhibition designed to highlight the game’s best players. Instead, it is tied to home field advantage in the World Series, which means the best players should play.

The fans do not always get that, and so here is what the lineup should look like for the National League when they take the field in Cincy:

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