Fantasy Football: Update on average draft position

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Last week,we looked at the biggest Average Draft Position (ADP) movers from the month of August. This time around, let’s zoom into the past week.

It’s only a week, but a lot has happened. Last weekend was the third week of preseason, which means plenty of names have moved around simply because of their play in those games. Injuries to Tony Romo and Teddy Bridgewater also came about, which in turn affects the rest of those offenses.

With the regular season only a week away, it’s wise to look at these before going into drafts, as players on the upside usually go a little higher than projected.

Last weekend, some owners inevitably heard that Tajae Sharpe was the hottest sleeper on the market and a lot of people got him earlier than needed.

All of the numbers used can be found at Fantasy Football Calculator for 12-team, standard leagues.

While we’re only covering the past week, the rise of Marvin Jones and the fall of Golden Tate started a month ago. Back on Aug. 10, Tate was going at 4.08 with Jones at 9.01. After a couple preseason games of Jones getting the majority of targets to go with local media hype, Jones and Tate are almost neck-and-neck in the beginning of September.


In most cases, Jones would be considered overrated and Tate underrated, but it isn’t a forgone conclusion that Tate has much more value.

All it took for Stefon Diggs’ value to fall was an injury to Teddy Bridgewater. Diggs was a favorite of many before, but all that hope is gone. Diggs got as high as 8.08, but will be in free fall up until the regular season, already a full round lower a few days after the injury.

The same can be said about Dez Bryant, who will have fourth-round draft pick Dak Prescott tossing to him for at least the first half of the season. Bryant was a popular first-round pick with Tony Romo in charge but is now falling to the second round. There’s value to be had here. Prescott might not be as good as his preseason numbers, but his mobility will allow Bryant to still get a ton of targets.

Another player expected to see a bigger drop in the final week before the regular season is Jamaal Charles. Multiple reports have come out about the 29-year-old running back might not being ready for Week 1. And even if he is, Charles will be splitting time with Spencer Ware.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot of overreaction regarding Charles. He’s an electrifying running back and this may just be the result of a local writer trying to get attention. Either way, Ware has moved up a couple rounds in ADP and rightfully so. If Charles gets past the third round, you should definitely pounce.

A receiver that who should have fell the last couple weeks has been John Brown and that’s starting to show in his ADP. A week ago, Brown was at 6.08 and is now getting taken in the middle of the seventh round. Michael Floyd was already a good play before Brown had concussion issues, but now his value looks even better. Luckily for us, his ADP hasn’t changed much.

And yet another receiver that has steadily declined in the last month is DeVante Parker. He was rated highly because of his skill set, but Parker was recently called out by his coach for always being hurt. And so, his ADP has dropped from end of the seventh round to the beginning of the ninth in the past week. Not to mention, Kenny Stills has seen a decent amount of targets in the preseason.

Fantasy Football: Update on average draft position

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