FanRag NBA Challenge: Sportslock Day 3 Recap

The Andre Drummond breakout campaign continued on Sunday night and Sportslock players who drafted him were likely celebrating their berth in the Sweet 16.

In case you missed it, Sportslock is hosting a daily fantasy NBA tournament for FanRag Sports that features a one-on-one tournament with 128 entrants. You only draft against your opponent, and you draft a new team each round.

MD223 led all scorers in the FanRag Challenge with 324.30 points as one of the 16 players to advance on to today’s action. MD223’s roster included Drummond, Russell Westbrook (55.70 points), Kevin Love (53.80), Hassan Whiteside (49.20), Eric Bledsoe (46.90) and Damian Lillard (46.30).

“Dirty dusky” and d_palmer24 were the highest scoring losers on Sunday, each scoring 286.60. Both players started Carmelo Anthony, who registered a somewhat-disappointing 34.60 points.

With just two rounds to go before contestants are officially in the money, here are the matchups for the remaining 16 players.

In Group 1:

heatherlynn vs. RobDiRe; tbrofasho vs. robbiew217; MD223 vs. ajboss98; CBovett1 vs. Ash_Grizz.

In Group 2:

t_voltron vs. TrinidadBryc; mitchymitch vs. lex7226; HoustStark vs. Joe Nocco; gschnauzer vs. daveyj.

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