FanRag NBA Challenge: Sportslock Day 2 Recap

This recap was a lot more fun to write before I was eliminated, but questionable decision after questionable decision has me on the outside looking in with only 32 people remaining in the FanRag NBA Challenge on Sportslock.

In case you missed it, Sportslock is hosting a daily fantasy NBA tournament for FanRag Sports that features a one-on-one tournament with 128 entrants. You only draft against your opponent, and you draft a new team each round.

After a huge night on Friday, Stephen Curry came back down to “Earth” with 24 points, six rebounds and three assists. Six turnovers proved costly to his owners.

Anthony Davis still put up 40.20 points, although that was 10 fewer points than his projected total and 35 fewer than Friday night.

Instead of Davis and Curry, it was Blake Griffin and James Harden putting up big totals. Griffin finished with 56.70 total points. Harden tallied 48.80 points, which could’ve been even more if it weren’t for seven turnovers.

make_it_rain led all scorers on Saturday night with 266.30 points, led by Griffin, Harden and Paul Millsap (45.40 points).

Only 32 players are left. The matchups are as follows.

Group 1:

heatherlynn vs. pswaggart; RobDiRe vs. chasescheuee; tbrofasho vs. hoehne2; robbiew217 vs. make_it_rain; MD223 vs. bubbagump423; JmeEisner vs. ajboss98; CBovett1 vs. camcam1290; SkyWheel vs. Ash_Grizz.

Group 2:

tvoltron vs. Ant_Hoops; Dirty dusky vs. TrinidadBryc; mitchymitch vs. chubbiestar; lex7226 vs. d_palmer24; FatDaddyDeez vs. HouseStark; Joe Nocco vs. rookie; gschnauzer vs. jamesarthur; danielleee32 vs. daveyj.

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