FanRag NBA Challenge: Sportslock Day 1 Recap

In case you missed it, Sportslock is hosting a daily fantasy NBA tournament for FanRag Sports that features a one-on-one tournament with 128 entrants. You only draft against your opponent, and you draft a new team each round.

Those contestants that had some combination of Anthony Davis, Steph Curry, James Harden and LeBron James most likely lived to draft another day.

User “jack” blew away the competition by scoring a high of 330.50 points to take down “OMaroney”, who scored 196.40.

“jack” drafted Anthony Davis, who scored the most points on the evening with 74.50, Curry (63.40), James (59.30) and Paul George, who totaled 60.90 points.

“currywildcat” was the tough-luck loser of the first round, scoring the most points out of all of the losers. Despite starting Curry and George, “currywildcat” fell to “Coolcat” 290.30-277.00.

The player on most losing teams was Dwight Howard, who was a healthy scratch on Friday. Howard sat out for “rest”, which caught some unsuspecting players by surprise. Others were stuck with DeMarcus Cousins, who is out with an Achilles injury.

On Friday, it was Davis who was the star. He broke out with 43 points on 14-of-23 shooting to go along with 10 rebounds, three assists, four steals and three blocks. He was coming off a disappointing performance of 14 points and nine rebounds.

Davis will look to duplicate his Friday night performance on Saturday, and his owners are hoping for the same. He’s projected to score the most points with 50.07.

Saturday night’s game between the Clippers and Rockets should feature plenty of action with players watching Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, James Harden and Dwight Howard.

The second round features 64 teams. The matchups are as follows.

In Group 1:

Mau vs. Ash_Grizz; aMAIZEingBob vs. SkyWheel; camcam1290 vs. cyclones218; CBovett1 vs. nathan.tat05; skolam vs. ajboss98; JmeEisner vs. monster6; bubbagump423 vs. D.L. Smooth; rdavis2863 vs. MD223; chasescheuee vs. BigShotBob5; ecp6493 vs. RobDiRe; heatherlynn vs. Tkenyon; Beers vs. pswaggart; hoehne2 vs. realnturner; lissalarson vs. tbrofasho; Goldi vs. robbiew217; TommyGunn34 vs. make_it_rain.

In Group 2:

Coolcat vs. t_voltron; Ant_Hoops vs. guard123; Jay Patt vs. dusky; TrinidadBryc vs. rcwaters333; thallstrom vs. mitchymitch; reuben026 vs. chubbiestar; yogi2122 vs. lex7226; noley20 vs. d_palmer24; FatDaddyDeez vs. nelmanaa8; IsaacMtz vs HoustStark; Joe Nocco vs. KMS; Aceacebaby25 vs. rookie; gschnauzer vs jack; FATNol>>> vs. jamesarthur; animalghosts vs. danielleee32; ShoulderLean vs daveyj.

Participants will draft again today at 4:30 p.m. EST.

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