Family of Steve Montador to Sue NHL over CTE

The family of former NHL player Steve Montador is planning to sue the league in the wake of finding out Montador had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), according to ESPN. CTE is a neurodegenerative brain condition the results from repeated blows to the head.

According to the Canadian Sports Concussion Project’s report released on Tuesday: “Montador’s autopsy results showed the widespread presence of CTE throughout his brain. Prior to his death, Montador suffered from depression, erratic behaviour and problems with his memory.”

Montador passed away in February at the age of 35.

“The Montador family’s suspicions have been confirmed: Steve Montador’s 35-year-old brain was decaying due to the head hits he endured during his NHL career,” William Gibbs of Corboy & Demetrio law firm said in a statement. “CTE has afflicted yet another young athlete and his family. It is heartbreaking that such a vibrant young man sustained such monumental brain damage while playing a professional sport.”

Before his passing, the defenseman agreed to donate his brain for research to the Krembil Neuroscience Centre.

In 10 NHL seasons, Montador scored 33 goals and racked up 131 points in 571 regular season games between the Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins, Anaheim Ducks, Buffalo Sabres and Chicago Blackhawks.

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