Examining The Success Of First-Round Quarterbacks

The draft itself is an inexact science. For every hit, there are 10 misses.

So when it comes to taking a quarterback in the first round, teams have just as good of a chance at finding Andrew Luck as they do taking the next Ryan Leaf.

With that in mind, it’s no sure thing that a quarterback-needy team will find the face of its franchise in the 2015 NFL Draft. Even promising prospects Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota have their flaws, and teams will have to do their homework to figure out if either polarizing prospect is worth a gamble.

Looking back at the past five drafts, the success of the first-round quarterbacks is an interesting case study. There have been some clear success stories (Luck and Cam Newton), incomplete tales (Ryan Tannehill and E.J. Manuel) and flat-out busts (Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder).

Here’s a breakdown of each of the first-round quarterbacks drafted in the past five years, starting with the class of 2014.

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