Ex-Caddie: Tiger Woods Never Used PEDs

Despite the path his career has taken in recent years, Tiger Woods is the best golfer of this generation. His dominance on the course drew record crowds and made the sport must-see TV.

But with every incredible performance in this era comes speculation. The cloud of performance enhancing drugs hangs over all who succeed in sports nowadays.

Woods has not completely avoided that cloud, but his former caddie, Steve Williams, says Woods has never used PEDs.

“Did Tiger do PEDs? There’s no chance,” Williams told ESPN. “Love him or hate him, Tiger always respected the game. He knows its history and people, its standing in sports and the world. He always knew what golf did for him personally.

“Whether PEDs have been used by other people is a good question, because it’s occurred in every other sport. So why would golf be any different? The PGA Tour tries so hard to promote a squeaky-clean image, and we all know that’s not the case, certainly with recreational drugs and probably the other stuff. I saw no specific cases and was never particularly interested in the subject. But, yeah, I’m sure it’s gone on.”

The PGA Tour began random urine testing for PEDs on July 1, 2008.

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