Even Bill Belichick Doesn’t Believe Tom Brady

Deflategate has certainly taken a toll on the trustworthiness of Tom Brady. As the weeks have gone by, the list of people who don’t believe Brady has grown immensely.

We’ll now add New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to the list.

According to Boston Herald writer Ron Borges, Belichick didn’t believe in Brady’s innocence from the beginning.

“Belichick never believed his story, from what I was told.” Borges told a Boston sports program earlier this week when discussing Brady. “Because they all know. Why do you think all those retired quarterbacks, the Troy Aikmans of the world – Troy Aikman is about as nice a guy I’ve ever met in football – nobody’s backed [Brady]. Nobody, not a single guy. Why do you think that is? Because they hate Brady? No. Because they’re not stupid. They know nothing’s done with those balls that the quarterback doesn’t want done.”

These are pretty strong words from the Boston journalist. I think we all knew that Brady was guilty, but most assumed Belichick was a knowledgeable partner in the crime. Especially considering his past transgressions.

That being said, it is tough not to doubt Belichick’s proclaimed ignorance. The man has been well known for being a meticulous coach who dictates everything from practice flow to team snacks. To believe he had no clue what was happening with the football is insanity.

The one thing Belichick certainly is though – an expert at media manipulation.

It’s a skill that has done him well throughout his time in the NFL. He knows how to use the media to his advantage and has done so many times throughout his illustrious career. Deflategate seems like another one of those instances.

Bill Belichick didn't do Tom Brady any favors with his recent public comments.

Bill Belichick didn’t do Tom Brady any favors with his recent public comments.

From the get go, Belichick deflected attention to Brady in a surprisingly consistent manner. In his first press conference after the now infamous Deflategate, it was clear Brady would be taking the fall for this instance.

“Tom’s personal preference on his footballs are something he can talk about in much better detail than I can possibly provide.” Belichick said during the press conference. “I can tell you that in my entire coaching career I have never talked to any player, staff member about football air pressure. That is not a subject I’ve ever brought up.”

The big thing to take from the press conference was that Belichick was completely ignorant to the entire situation. It was 11 minutes of him proclaiming no knowledge about the entire situation.

Now this is where is gets hard for me to believe. Do I think Brady could have pushed the rules a bit without Belichick knowing? Yeah I could imagine that happening. But for a coach that has been daunted for his impeccable control of an entire team, I do not believe he had never talked with Brady about the football.

Anyways, whether Belichick knew or not, the bottom line is ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. More and more reports will come out in the near future about this entire situation being the fault of Tom Brady’s and Belichick will leave this situation somewhat unscathed.

Really, it’s a shame because ignorance is not an excuse, but Belichick is successfully using it as one.

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