Eisner on the Ball Ep. 3: Seizing opportunity

(Marc Piscotty/Icon Sportswire)

On episode three of the Eisner on the Ball podcast, Jaime talks about Teddy Bridgewater’s injury and what it means for the Vikings plus how Dak Prescott and Trevor Siemian can seize the opportunity in a starting role. He also talks Joey Bosa, Colin Kaepernick, Jamaal Charles and more.

FanRag Sports director of content Jaime Eisner breaks down all the latest NFL news, hot-button topics and so much more on his weekly Eisner On The Ball podcast. He talks all things NFL, including fantasy sports, point spreads and break downs of the biggest plays, moments and stats you need to know. He’s opinionated, but welcomes all feedback and dialogue. Guests from inside and outside of the FanRag Sports network call in to join the conversation. If it’s happening in the NFL, Jaime’s got something to say about it.

Eisner on the Ball Ep. 3: Seizing opportunity

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