Edmonton fan gets Ferrari painted for Connor McDavid

Sports fans do some weird stuff – and when teams have generational talents like Connor McDavid, their weirdness seems to know no bounds.

John Glasgow, a reporter for CTV, shared a pic with the Edmonton Oilers on Twitter on Thursday afternoon – showing a Ferrari he (or a fan) spotted out in the YEG area that was painted in tribute of Connor McDavid.

No, seriously:

Considering that the Ferrari Superfast 812 runs about $320,000 – and the cheapest Ferrari will set you back well over $100,000 to begin with – someone basically dropped the cost of a single-family home on a car that they then turned into a glorified race car/shrine to a 20-year-old hockey player.

While I’m crying that someone would do this to a top-notch Italian sports car, I’m mostly just amazed that humanity continues to prove so heartily that money truly cannot buy sense.

#GOilers, I suppose.

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