Dillashaw and Barao Set for Rematch

Renan Barao finally has his shot at getting his belt back

Barao, who lost to T.J. Dillashaw last May, will get his rematch on July 25 in Chicago for UFC Fight Night.

An immediate rematch was supposed to happen, but Barao fainted the day before the scheduled rematch. Dillashaw then defended his title against Joe Soto, who replaced Barao.

A rib injury to Dillashaw caused the latest scheduled rematch to derail the meeting.

In the mean time, Barao defeated Mitch Gagnon by submission in December.

The champion Dillashaw will enter the fight with an 11-2 record. Barao is 8-1 in the UFC and 33-2-1 in his career.

Dillashaw and Barao will be the co-main event alongside Anthony Pettis against Myles Jury.


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