Defense Rests in Aaron Hernandez Case

The defense representing Aaron Hernandez in the murder trial regarding Odin Lloyd rested it’s case on Monday, and Judge Susan Garsh said closing arguments will presented on Tuesday.

Hernandez’s lawyers needed just three witnesses and one day before resting the case. The prosecution called 131 witnesses over two months.

The first witness called was to testify regarding the effects of the drug PCP. Two men who are co-defendants in the trial who are being tried separately, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, were both seen smoking PCP in the days prior to the murder.

Two more witnesses testified regarding DNA found on shell casings that were discovered in the rental car that Hernandez had under his name.

The defense is building their case around the idea that Hernandez has no motive to kill a ‘friend’, that there is no murder weapon that’s been found and there are no witnesses.

Meanwhile, the prosecution is building a case around substantial evidence, including video of Hernandez with a gun minutes after the murder, DNA evidence and more.

After closing arguments, the attention will turn to the 12-member jury that will also include three alternates, making the jury a total of 15.

Lloyd was dating Hernandez’s fiancee’s sister.

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