Dear WWE: Is the Wyatt family dead?

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Is The Wyatt Family Dead?

Randy Orton defeated Luke Harper in a legitimately great match at Survivor Series. That feud was built off the back of the tensions being created between the two because both were — at one point — card-carrying members of The Wyatt Family.

Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Now, Orton vs Wyatt is scheduled to take place at WrestleMania.

What does this mean for The Wyatt Family itself? Is the stable, that has been around since Wyatt (re)debuted, gone the way of the dinosaurs?

There’s still some thinking that Harper, alongside an eventually returning from injury Erick Rowan, can somehow help to reform the original version of the stable.

It is going to take a lot of work for that to happen, though. That is, unless the WWE hurls out the entire mini-Harper push logic, and decides he all of a sudden hearts Bray with the fury of 1,023 suns again.

I am guessing, either way, we will find out what is happening with The Wyatt Family this Tuesday.

Are We Going To Acknowledge One Uso Got Big?

Let me preface this by saying this isn’t a big deal or anything. Just that it appeared pretty obvious, and the crowd began to hint at it before too many fun in-ring things happened before the chants got echoed out.

Did one of The Usos get big?

Listen, I’m not even saying pleasantly plump, either. Jimmy Uso might have just been working out to put on more muscle. But he was clearly built in a much different way than we are accustomed to.

Is this a thing even worth acknowledging on WWE programming? Normally, I would say no. In fact, 99.9 out of 100 times I would say no. Yet, given that he wrestles next to his slimmer twin brother on every single card, it might be a solid idea for the WWE to get ahead of this before live audiences hijack segments the tag team is involved in.

For what it is worth, The Usos have been a really great tag team for a long time. Their heel-turn was long overdue, too. Having the brothers not look identical, even if not intentional with the weight thing, is probably a net-positive.

The WWE doesn’t even have to say he put on weight. The company could simply imply, as the Usos attempt to evolve, he’s trying to become more of the muscle of the tag team.

Is Jack Gallagher Going To Get Promo Time?

Jack Gallagher is set to face Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at FastLane. I think most people are excited about this, as Gallagher is the world’s most favorite extraordinary gentleman. So much so, if they rebooted the awful League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sean Connery might come out of retirement to star alongside our pasty friend from over the pond.

Well, probably not.

Anyway, most of the Cruiserweight feuds have felt rushed at this point. Save for the initial TJ Perkins-Brian Kendrick rivalry, everything else is pieced together through 205-live, Internet promos and non-Monday Night Raw things. At least, that is what it feels like.

Gallagher has next-level potential, though. The type that can lead to him succeeding beyond just the division in which he currently participates. He’s unique (and gifted) in the ring, and has odd charisma.

Will the WWE allow him a chance to shine by giving him ample in-ring promo time leading into FastLane?

Is The Nikki Bella-Natalya Feud Still Happening?

Not even a hot-take at this point, but Natalya might be one of the worst wrestlers on the entire WWE roster. She sells poorly, her move set is no longer quick and her promo abilities are nil.

On the other hand, Nikki Bella — who is, unfortunately, battling neck issues — has improved dramatically year-over-year.

Really, the two have had polar opposite career trajectories as far as overall wrestling abilities are concerned.

Eh, I digress…

So, the feud isn’t over… we don’t think. The two’s match at Elimination Chamber ended with a double count out and Natty decided to wallop on Nikki a little bit after the match was over.

While there are rumors circulating that Nikki is going to take some time off, it doesn’t mean this feud is anywhere near over. Depending on how you feel about this, we will probably know this week what is going on with these two moving forward.

Will The WWE Just Let Us Be Happy For Naomi Without Making It Annoying?

Naomi won her first WWE title at Elimination Chamber. Most fans — casual and die-hards alike — were sincerely happy for her. Hell, after the match itself the live audience chanted “you deserve it,” which led to real life tears from the long time WWE performer.

I have a fear regarding this, however. It has nothing to do with the athletic talent, either.

The WWE loves to heavy-handily hammer home organically over superstars’ gimmicks. For Naomi, her current state of being over is that she finally got something she probably deserved to achieve a few years ago.

There is a better than decent chance the WWE tries to parlay the customer’s sincere appreciation for Naomi into something bigger by talking about it over and over and over… and over again.

Like it is with most everything discussed here today, we will find out how hard the WWE will go with this by Tuesday.

Here’s hoping we don’t see a 10-minute video of Naomi’s career.

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