Deatrich Wise enjoying reunion with other Razorbacks on Patriots

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

The New England Patriots took DE Deatrich Wise in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and it means he gets to train alongside three guys he played with in college at Arkansas: Cody Hollister, Trey Flowers, and Brooks Ellis.

Ellis and Wise know each other very well and still help push each other in practice. Per Stephen Hewitt of the Boston Herald, Wise said:

“Every day, I try to keep up with him, he tries to keep up with me. We learn from each other. We’ll be running plays, and he’s still my middle linebacker, so we still communicate. It’s awesome seeing how he works. We were locker buddies, we were teammates for four years. He was behind me telling me what to do, and I was in front of him telling him the same thing, so it’s been the same.”

Flowers has now been in the NFL for two years and notched 2.5 sacks in the Super Bowl, so Wise looks up to him. He said:

“I kind of say if he can do it, I can do it too type thing, you know? It’s been awesome. He’s a big mentor, and the advice he gives me is just take it one day at a time, don’t try to think ahead, stay in the now, and he’s been helping me out here and there with the plays and what I have to do, and it’s been great. I try to follow him a little bit, try not to be too close to him, but try and follow and see how he does and see how he works and do the same.”

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