Powerless Rankings

DC’s Rough Week Leads Powerless Rankings

Here at the Powerless Rankings, we typically take this time every week to, well, rank. Whether it’s five entries or ten, we run down who’s had the worst week in sports, with a short blurb on each entry. It’s pretty straight forward.

Sometimes, however, one story, one person, or one thing so dominates the news, or goes so far and beyond all other possible entries, that it deserves a space all to itself. It’s rare, but it happens, and it’s happened again this week. There will be no entries five through two, because they would all pale in comparison to number one (also, we’re sick of Deflategate).

So with that in mind, whose week was so bad, so over-the-top humiliating, that they can, and will, be turned into a Powerless Rankings all on their own. Let’s see:

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