Darren Sharper gets 20-year prison term

Darren Sharper
Derick Hingle/Icon Sportswire

Former NFL defensive back Darren Sharper was sentenced to a 20-year prison term Tuesday. He was found guilty of drug and rape charges in four states.

Sharper is eligible for parole in about eight years. California laws require the subjects to serve at least half of their respective sentences. He’s been in jails for two years since the arrest. The 41-year-old Sharper reportedly never addressed the court or the two women who broke the details.

“I started vomiting, my head was pounding and I had trouble seeing clearly,” said one victim, who said her rape on Jan. 15, 2014 was “the worst night of my life,” per ESPN.

“The only good thing about this situation is that this disgusting low-life human will be sent to prison for many years and is likely he will never be able to do to this to another woman again,” she said. “I hope this scumbag will now feel as worthless as he has made me feel.”

The other woman was with a friend when they rendezvoused with Sharper at the Sports Illustrated 50th anniversary party. She claimed that she and her friend were sexually assaulted and fled for their lives for the following morning.

“It’s one thing to be a victim, but to be the victim that got ‘lucky’ in some eyes is not easy to live with,” she said. “When I think back to that night I wonder what he could have done to me. That’s not lucky. It’s haunting.”

Sharper retired from the league in 2011 following a 14-year career in the NFL.

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