Dany Heatley awarded settlement from former agent

Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Former NHL star Dany Heatley has been out of the news for the last few years, following his departure from North American hockey in 2015.

He just worked his way back into the headlines, though, when it was announced on Wednesday that the former star forward was awarded $6.5 million in a 2012 lawsuit levied against his former agent and business advisor, Stacey McAlpine.

Heatley alleged that McAlpine and his parents, Gerald and Eugina, encouraged him to invest over $11 million in real estate developments backed by companies created by the defendants. Their promises of fiscal returns on the investments never paid off, and the trio had shifted blame from themselves by way of the created companies.

The courts have ruled in Heatley’s favor, determining guilt for the McAlpine family.

They will be forced to hand over $4,167,839.13 from Presidential Suites Inc. and $2,348,875.53 from Waterfront Developments Inc., the pair of companies used as the backing for the investments made by Heatley.

This isn’t the first time that McAlpine has found himself in a courtroom facing down a former client. Chris Phillips, former Ottawa Senators defenseman and teammate of Heatley’s from back in the day, also brought the agent to trial over a similar real estate investment sham he coerced his client into. Phillips, who also played his last NHL games during the 2014-15 season, is looking for a similar outcome in his own lawsuit against the seemingly unpopular agent and his family.

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