Cubs fans are spending big money on replica World Series rings

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 01: Chicago Cubs players and their fans celebrate following the 2016 World Series Game 6 between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians on November 01, 2016, at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH. Chicago defeated Cleveland 9-3. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)
Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire

After most championship runs, fans might celebrate by buying a new hat or t-shirt in order to commemorate such a feat. Some might even purchase a jersey of their team’s new playoff hero.

However, this is not the case with Chicago Cubs fans, who are once again proving that their 2016 World Series title, which notably snapped a 108-year championship drought, was far from ordinary. As a result, Cubs fans have been spending thousands of dollars on World Series-related jewelry this week.

The jewelry company Jostens started selling Cubs’ World Series Champion jewelry on April 12, and in just one week, they have sold twice as much jewelry for the defending champions than any other previous championship title, according to ESPN. Most of the sales stem from fans buying replica rings. The least expensive ring runs at $299 while the highest are going for $10,800 – the latter contains 144 diamonds, 55 sapphires and 13 rubies.

While ESPN reports the most common purchase is the deluxe ring for $499, Jostens has sold 93 of the 108 rings that cost $10,800. The expectation is that they will easily sell out by next week.

Surely, most of this madness comes from the passion and strong feelings each fan encountered when the Cubs finally won the World Series. However, there is also an investment being made here. The Cubs organization went above and beyond with the decoration of their World Series ring and ensured every employee received one, but with one drawback – they can’t sell the ring before offering it back to the Cubs for $1.

Chicago did this in an attempt to prevent rings from employees hitting the black market and perhaps lowering the value of the ring. Players can sell their rings but no one else.

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