College Basketball Today: Villanova is better than us at life

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You sneaky son of a biscuit eater, you. You Villanova Wildcats, you.

It’s beginning to become somewhat comical, especially since news cycles centered around the idea of purposely ignoring Nova only to ask if they’re getting enough respect, but maybe the Wildcats are earnestly underrated.

No. I am not talking about certain outlets pretending the Big East is a mid-major when it is not. Nor am I saying non-sane fans are still failing to give them their just due. What I am instead proposing is that we all kind of realize how great Villanova is… but the Wildcats are even better than that.

It is like finding out how awesome Mr. Pibb is.

That it is truly better than Dr. Pepper, and he didn’t even have to go to medical school to be great. But then it finally dawns on you as you are drinking that wonderful can of caffeinated bubbles — drinking Mr. Pibb is better than drinking anything else in the world.

In a way, while even knowing you love Mr. Pibb, you still took him for granted (yes, he’s a mister, so he is a him).

Nevertheless, don’t allow the Wildcats to be Mr. Pibb. Enjoy and appreciate their greatness now. That way, you know, we don’t have to keep pretending how shocked and awed we are that the defending national champions are really awesome at something they were already really awesome at.

For what it is worth, Mr. Pibb is a blue-collar, hero to the working man. He’d totally beat the heck out of our supposed “doctor” friend.



Free Room And Board

We haven’t yet reached February, but there’s no time like today for some bracketology. Every network has their own expert in the field, and we’ll share a bunch of them as the season progresses, but for now we can start with Ryan Fagan’s of Sporting News.

Gregg Doyel is one of the best writers on planet Earth. Hell, maybe he ranks in the top five in all the planets. We may never know until the internet expands beyond our planetary borders. Anyway, Doyel wrote a wonderful piece on Jalen Coleman-Lands, who has a story that will touch on all the right emotions.

Myron Medcalf, like many other college basketball writers, realized that many people will be turning to the sport for the first time now that college football is over. He has a guide posted at ESPN that will get you all caught up. 

If you visited our fine website often, then you know we love Alec Peters. We think he’s special, and neat, and we wouldn’t mind him punching us in the face. C.J. Moore, of Bleacher Report, might not want the relationship to reach that level, but he does a wonderful telling the Valpo standout’s story.

From The Boosters

Wendell Barnhouse wrote a piece about Baylor’s rise to the top of the AP Poll of the first time in program history. Being ranked as the top dog in the sport tends to be forever fleeting, but Wendell discusses this in terms more impactful than “just” reaching this level of success.

When you combine a solid idea with someone who likes to write about Christina Ricci too much, you get this post on what a college basketball megacast would look like. This was, obviously, inspired by ESPN airing the football championship game on every channel.

Who are the best forwards in the Big Ten? Nathan Giese is glad you asked, as he recently told you. His odd, unbridled hatred for a certain Wisconsin player rears its ugly head in this piece… by ignoring his existence.

What’s On Tap?

Some solid games, honestly.

Also, chocolate milk if you went to the store to get some.

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs.

Michigan State Spartans

Big Ten Network (7 EASTERN)

To be 100 percent honest, while everyone else appears to be sold on Minnesota, I need to see more.

Then again, I’m still expecting Tom Izzo to turn this Michigan State team into the type we will all fear come March.

Point being: Maybe this author is a slower learner.

For the Spartans, this begins an incredibly important week for the team. The sort that can help save the season… or shove it back down to the depths of hell.

Butler Bulldogs vs. Creighton Bluejays

Fox Sports 1 (9 EASTERN)

Does this game even need any hype to go with it?

If it does, here is something interesting to note; the game begins at 9 p.m. Eastern because it needs to be put on after the children go to bed. What will transpire will be the closest thing we get to Cinemax After Dark without having to pay for it.

Creighton is a Final Four team, in my opinion.

Chris Holtmann, on the other hand, needs even more props for turning the Bulldogs into the power the program it is becoming.

Sofia The First

Disney Junior (8 EASTERN)

Do you have kids? I have kids. Let me be an old man yelling at a cloud for a second.

When I was a young whippersnapper, not only did I sincerely believe my morning cartoons waited for me to awake from my slumber before they began to air, but the quality of those shows were amazing.

Teddy Ruxpin, Captain Planet, He-Man, GI Joe, Fraggle Rock, etc. All gold, baby. Pure gold.

Now I have children. While neither have yet to be proven to be mine through scientific measures, I accept both as is. What I don’t accept, however, is their undying love for the hogwash that emanates my picture-box each day.

Sofia is a fine show, I guess. But the basic premise of the show is that her mom married a widowed king, her stepbrother and sister are kind of jerks, but she makes it all work with her sweet charm and altruistic ways.

“But what’s the probem with that,” a reader asks.

For starters, she’s like seven. Seven-year-olds don’t fix families or make jerk kids into non-jerks. I also don’t love the idea of everything having to revolve around royalty. Seriously. You have Sofia, The Descendants, and Frozen (don’t even get me started on Frozen… a move that’s entire concept revolved around two sisters having communication issues… I can write an entire column about that movie’s trash existence), all trash.

Teddy Ruxpin was a talking bear who wasn’t a king.

Captain Planet, who had crazy powers, wasn’t even the general or admiral of the planet. Just a mere captain.

You get my point.

Out of nowhere, I’ve become incredibly old. 25-year-old version of me thinks 33-year-old me is a real tool and jerk. He’s not entirely wrong, either.

Joseph Nardone is a college basketball columnist for FanRag Sports. He also co-hosts the Relatively Speaking Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone.

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