The NCAA Football game franchise is dead as we all know (or at least in a state of cryogenic status). Whether or not EA Sports will revive the series is up in the air, but the hardest of the hardcore fans still hold out hope that some day they’ll be able to slide that disc into their console of choice. If they did, naturally they’d have to see a game brought into college football’s new age.

What would that game look like? Here’s what you should see if NCAA Football 17 was mere weeks away from being ready for launch.

Athletic Director Mode – Similar to Owner Mode in Madden, AD Mode would allow you to bring in money for your program. There’d be your standard items like switching up the prices of concessions, tickets, collectibles, etc.

Taking things a step further, let’s say you have a smaller program and you want to expand your stadium to bring in even more coin or try to keep up in the facilities arms race. Several basic stadium attachments could be available to get even more butts in the seats and more duckets in the AD’s pockets. You could also run promotions to up attendance like putting rally towels in every seat for homecoming.

Coaching Carousel From the Start – Don’t want to place yourself in the driver’s seat of the program, but you want to try courting a coordinator or lower level head coach? No problem. Also, instead of randomly being assigned new coordinators if they decide to bolt, you’re given the option to retain them, but it’s going to cost you (see: randomly generated program money determined by how well you’re doing if not in AD mode).  

Recruiting Overhaul – Considering just how big recruiting has become, it’s time to take things up a notch.

  • Twitter direct messages are now a form of communication.
  • You have the option of attending a camp during the offseason in the region of your choice.
  • Bag men are finally introduced, but they’re not all created equally. A smaller school may have one or two guys who are relative buffoons whereas a larger school might have the shadiest of shysters. Obviously, suspension of belief would be needed as the NCAA would crack down occasionally and cost your team some scholarships. The good news for those smaller schools: you can hire new bag men if the ones on the payroll are bumbling idiots.

Apparel Bidding Wars – A mini-game in the offseason after so many seasons, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Russell Athletic all have the ability to battle over rights to sponsor your school. You can even create your own new alternate uniforms to go along with those actually used on the field, but your new options are limited to the provider you choose.

College Football Playoff Expansion – Sure, four teams are fun, but if you’re a proponent of allowing eight teams to scrap for the honor of playing for the sport’s greatest prize, go nuts. To make the expansion truly complete, a maximum of 64 teams are allowed into the fray to mirror college basketball’s March Madness.

There you have it. If that new list of features doesn’t satisfy the gaming experience of even the most savage college football fan and make the wait until the season a bit more bearable, I don’t know what will.

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Revamping EA Sports’ NCAA football game if it returned for 2016
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