Cavs GM: Blatt Has LeBron’s Support

There has been a ton of speculation throughout the regular season, postseason and in the wake of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 4-2 series loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, that LeBron James does not fancy head coach David Blatt. Cavaliers general manager David Griffin disagrees.

“LeBron himself said he thinks Coach has done a hell of a job,” Griffin told reporters. “So if you want to use his actual words, that’s what the man said.

“From my perspective, I’ve said this all along, you don’t go 33-3 (late in the season) with those guys (Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving) healthy and put together the team we had, have it be an offensive juggernaut, and then have to turn around and play without them, be a defensively stifling team, that literally chokes the life out of a 60-win (Atlanta Hawks) team and sweeps them in a playoff series and have your coach not do a hell of a job. (Blatt) did. I think our whole staff did. And we literally won an incredible number of games against very, very good teams playing radically different styles from each other. So from a purely basketball perspective, I’m not quite sure exactly what anybody is looking to have happen.”

He added that speculation of Blatt losing his job is completely unfounded.

“I really appreciate the fact that there is this ‘cool’ narrative hanging out there, and you can say this forever,” Griffin said. “It literally never has to go away. … No matter how many times we win, no matter how much we win, it never has to go away because it’s all conjecture.

“So, I think one thing David (Blatt) did as well as anybody I’ve ever seen, and I wish I did better, was just ignore the noise from the media perspective. Because frankly, none of that means anything. We know what actually takes place here.”

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