Bumgarner situation reminds of other non-playing baseball injuries

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

The San Francisco Giants lost left-handed ace Madison Bumgarner to the disabled list on Friday. Not during game action, but due to a shoulder injury that he sustained while dirt-biking on the team’s off day. Let’s turn back the clocks and visit some of the most bizarre non-baseball injuries that MLB players have suffered over the years.

Micah Johnson – Dodgers

It was just last season that the Los Angeles Dodgers, in February, lost their first player of the year to injury. It was then-newly-acquired infielder Micah Johnson, who needed stitches to repair a cut on his hand. The reasoning? Attempting to remove an avocado pit.

Fernando Abad – Athletics

Sit for too long and you’ll run the risk of your body becoming too tight; miss your seat completely and you’ll pay. Fernando Abad found this out the hard way in 2015 when he went to go sit on a bean-bag chair, and bruised his tailbone in the process.

Justin Turner – Dodgers

Justin Turner was out of the lineup during a 2015 game after an infected pimple forced him to hit the sidelines. One would think that a Band-Aid or some Proactiv would be lurking around the Dodgers clubhouse to fix that right up.

Chris Coghlan – Marlins

Coghlan partied too hard — no, he didn’t suffer a severe hangover — when he went to bury a pie in the face of teammate Wes Helms following the latter’s walk-off hit in a 2010 game. Coghlan suffered a torn meniscus on the jump attempt and ended up missing the rest of the season.

Jeff Kent – Giants

Ballplayers live the lavish lifestyle and have to keep the fresh rides squeaky clean. Former Giants second baseman Jeff Kent was about as average a guy as they came, but still sustained a quirky injury in March 2002 while washing his whip — Kent slipped from the top of the cab and broke a bone in his wrist on the fall. Or did he? Alternate reports say he fell while trying to pop a wheelie on his motorcycle, so points to MadBum for at least being honest.

David Cone – Yankees

Former Yankees right-handed pitcher David Cone allowed Orlando Hernandez to make his debut when Cone missed time after sustaining a dog bite — courtesy of his mother’s 4-month-old puppy.

Glenallen Hill – Blue Jays

Rewind all the way back to 1990, when Glenallen Hill’s tenure with the Blue Jays was summed up with a stint on the DL. The former outfielder, triggered by a dream in which he was being chased by spiders, fell off his bed and into a glass table, enduring scrapes and bruises up and down his body.

Jason Kipnis – Indians

Stretch to avoid injury, right? Not for Jason Kipnis, who during his rookie year strained his hamstring while stretching to…avoid straining his hamstring.

Will Smith – Brewers

Smith tore a ligament while slipping off his cleats in 2016. That’s about all the context you need.

Joel Zumaya – Tigers

Zumaya was sidelined during the American League Championship Series with inflammation in his right arm. He apparently was strumming too hard, because he suffered the freak injury while playing Guitar Hero.

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