Biopic ‘The Secondary’ to focus on Patriots’ CB Malcolm Butler

Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Cornerback Malcolm Butler exploded onto the scene just as the 2014 post-season came to a close. By jumping a crossing route and picking off Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson at the one-yard line, he won the Super Bowl for the Patriots and ended that postseason all by himself.

He’s now won a second Super Bowl, an unlikely hero who was unheard of two years ago and is now one of the top corners on his team. That story is compelling enough that Daniel Levin and Narrative Capital have bought the rights to his life story. They’re going to make a biopic called The Secondary.

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The story is compelling, in the same way HOF QB Kurt Warner’s is. Warner was famously stocking shelves at a grocery store before he got his big break, and he then went on to become of the NFL’s top quarterbacks and a Super Bowl champ.

Similarly, Butler was working a Popeyes chicken fast food restaurant a mere three years ago. The guy who won the 2014 Super Bowl was in charge of nothing more than running the fryolator. No one took him in the NFL Draft and it looked like football was in his past. He had to wonder if all he’d be doing was working a minimum wage job for good.

Then he got a tryout with New England. He made the team, but he was a depth guy. He didn’t have an interception all year. He only started a single game. Then came that pick in the Super Bowl, and now he’s gone from minimum wage to making an average of $510,000 per year – and even that feels far too low, as he’s trying to get a new deal to pay him like a legit starting NFL corner.

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