Big Names Involved in Unlikely NFL Trade Rumors

August 8, 2014 Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) during warmups at the Minnesota Vikings game versus Oakland Raiders at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis MN. .

I have secretly been in a spiraling depression since the 2015 NFL Draft location was announced. Now you may be wondering “Mark, you’re a Chicago native! Why would you be depressed about the draft being in your home town?”

Elementary, my dear reader. As a full-time college student working 30-plus hours a week, attending this year’s draft simply isn’t in my financial cards. But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it.

As we all know, the dwindling weeks before the draft generally include heavy trade rumors. This year was no exception.

Bigger names than usual have struck the NFL trade rumors circuit this offseason. Some of the ideas make sense, but they’re unlikely to happen.

Here’s a look at five big names that have been discussed as trade candidates but will more than likely stay put.

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