Big 12 Commish Reprimands Kansas State

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Nothing is wrong with a little celebration by college kids, especially after their basketball teams beats Kansas, its biggest rival, but according to Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, Kansas State fans went too far.

Bowlsby believes the actions went way too far as the surging crowd overwhelmed the court and put the Jayhawks players and staff in a potentially dangerous situation.


There were no known injuries during the court-storming celebration, but Bowlsby insisted on the Big 12’s website that Kansas State’s written policy for managing events “was unsuccessful in ensuring the safety and security of both game participants and spectators.”

“Revisions to policies and procedures must guarantee that no future incidents occur,” Bowlsby said, urging all universities in the conference to reassess game-management procedures “in order to effectively and uniformly ensure the integrity of our contests, the security of the student-athletes and coaches, and the safety of the spectators.”

“Maintenance of a sports-like environment around our contests is among the most important responsibilities shared by our members and enforced by the conference office,” he said. “The events following the KU vs. K-State game should be a call to action for all of us.”

A public admonishment may cause some spectators to think twice about storming the court after a spirited victory, but it’s a college basketball tradition that will never go away completely.


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Maryland celebrated in similar fashion after beating Wisconsin a day later.

Maryland celebrated in similar fashion after beating Wisconsin a day later.

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