Best of FanRag Sports: May 30

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Today’s edition features an All-Star defenseman who could be on the move, a new Florida Gators football coach and a list of dumb NBA Finals storylines.

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Today’s Fastbreak

NBA: MAY 24 Eastern Conference Finals - Game 3 - Hawks at Cavaliers

Most Annoying Storylines Heading into the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are just about a week away and there are plenty of storylines heading into the final series of the year. Some are valuable, prompting discussion about which team is best suited to win it all or discussing the impact that winning it all will have on their respective franchises and cities.

Fastbreak’s Jared Johnson discusses six storylines that are annoying and unuseful for the media and fans. From LeBron James to Kevin Love to James Harden, there are more than a few hot takes circulating in NBA land this time of year.


Today’s Slapshot

NHL: MAY 01 Round 2 - Game 1 - Wild at Blackhawks

Oilers Could Poach Brent Seabrook This Summer

The Chicago Blackhawks are going to fall victim to the salary cap monster sooner or later and it is going to cost them a valuable roster player. Could it be Patrick Sharp? Could it be another forward? What if it’s defenseman Brent Seabrook?

Slapshot’s Sonny Sachdeva explores the possibility of the Edmonton Oilers swooping in to snag Seabrook via trade. The Oilers need plenty of help on defense and have some young assets they can move, particularly at the center position. Chicago needs cap relief and young, cheap assets to build around. It could be a perfect match.


Today’s Knuckleball

MLB: AUG 07 Rockies at Mets

The Mets’ Six-Man Rotation And Coddling Of Big League Pitchers

The New York Mets are moving toward a six-man rotation, something more than a few teams have attempted to do lately, but have been unable to find success with. Inevitably, the five-man rotation seems to be the end game no matter what.

But New York and manager Terry Collins will attempt to move in this direction — another way to coddle young arms in the era of Tommy John surgery. Will it keep Met pitchers healthier? Will it translate to success on the field? Knuckleball’s Scott Salomon breaks down what the change means and if it will indeed be successful.


Today’s Pigskin

NFL: SEP 30 Redskins at Buccaneers

Washington Redskins Are Heading in Right Direction

The Washington Redskins have not made the playoffs since 2012, finishing 3-13 and 4-12 respectively over the past two seasons. Life as a Redskins fan since the mid-1990s has been a little rough, but Pigskin’s Billy Nayden says hope is on the horizon.

The addition of offensive lineman Brandon Scherff early in the first round will pay dividends for Washington. Not only did it signal a shift away from flashy moves and toward building for the long-term, the rookie will make Robert Griffin III’s and Alfred Morris’ lives much easier from day one.

There’s a lot of negativity in the rearview mirror, but plenty of positives to build on going forward.


Today’s Knockout

BOXING: MAY 02 Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao

Hunting Marciano – Mayweather and The 12 Undefeated Champions

Floyd Mayweather has stated that he will retire following his next fight. While his next bout will likely not be against Manny Pacquiao, even though many are clamoring for it, meaning Mayweather would finish his career at 49-0, assuming he comes out victorious.

Mayweather has made it known that he wants to tie, not break, Rocky Marciano’s legendary record. If he retires undefeated, Mayweather will be in rare air.

Only 12 World Champion grade boxers have ever retired Undefeated. Knockout’s Dane Curley breaks down the dozen and what a 49-0 record means to Mayweather and the boxing world.


Today’s U

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 12 San Jose State at Colorado State

Jim McElwain Is Uniquely Qualified to Rebuild Florida

Jim McElwain is charged with the task of making the Florida Gators a power house again. After a successful venture with Colorado State, McElwain has the chance in succeed recruiting players in the football hotbed of Florida.

U’s Kyle Kensing evaluates the challenges he faces with the Gators and how he can make Florida into perennial College Football Playoff contenders.

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