Best of FanRag Sports: June 19

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Today’s edition features LeBron James’ legacy, the value of a backup goaltender and a designated hitter who should garner MVP consideration.

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Today’s Slapshot

NHL: FEB 10 Rangers at Maple Leafs

New York Rangers Should Keep Cam Talbot

The New York Rangers may look to trade backup goaltender Cam Talbot this offseason for a high draft pick or a prospect. With arguably the most consistent goalie in the NHL in Henrik Lundqvist at the helm, getting value from a backup netminder appears to be the way to go.

However, Slapshot’s Zach Hopkins says the Rangers need to keep Talbot as an insurance policy. New York is in the midst of their Stanley Cup-winning window and need to be prepared if Lundqvist goes down with injury like he did last season.


Today’s Knuckleball

MLB: MAY 29 Red Sox at Rangers

Prince Fielder Deserves To Be In MVP Conversation

After being largely forgotten about after a disappointing 2014 season, Prince Fielder’s bounce-back in 2015 has largely gone unnoticed. He is clearly the MVP of the Texas Rangers, a team having a lot of success despite being written off before the season began.

Knuckleball’s David Roberts makes the case for including the big man in the American League MVP discussion. Should he be in the race? Should a DH ever win?


Today’s Fastbreak


LeBron James and the Michael Jordan Mirage

LeBron James is now 2-4 in NBA Finals and there is a very real possibility that his career will be defined by the games he has lost rather than all his personal accolades or two championships he has won.

James and his legacy has been linked to Michael Jordan since he entered the league. Fastbreak’s Ari Temkin says LeBron’s career path isn’t the same as the other stars, so it is not completely fair to compare them. “We never demanded MJ win without Scottie. We never saw Magic win without Kareem. We never watched Russell win without Havlicek, Cousy or Sam Jones.”


Today’s Pigskin

NFL: JUN 11 Buccaneers Mini Camp

Logan Mankins assuming a leadership role with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Logan Mankins’ transition from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went largely under the radar last season. However, Mankins wants to make a big impact on the Buccaneers in 2015, both on the field and in the leadership department.

Pigskin’s Rick Brown chats with Mankins about assuming a leadership role with the team as well as what changes have to be made from last season to the upcoming one.


Today’s U

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 25 Alabama at Tennessee

2015 SEC Breakout Tight End Candidates

While the SEC is home to prolific defenses, superstar running backs and generally old-school football, the tight end spot typically gets ignored. That is certainly not the case over at Today’s U as Stephen Sheehan breaks down the top tight ends in this power conference.

There are a few young one ready to break out. Who are they? Does your alma mater have one? Find out.


Today’s Knockout


Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock – Betting Odds Breakdown

In a fairly surprising event, internet sensation Kimbo Slice will go toe-to-toe with a pioneer of professional mixed martial arts Ken Shamrock on national TV Friday night. Slice is the heavy favorite in Bellator 138’s main event.

Knockout’s Dane Curley breaks down the fight and what you need to know before making a wager.

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