Astros Option Jon Singleton to Triple-A

Last year, Jon Singleton made headlines by becoming the first player to sign an extension before making his major-league debut. This year, Singleton will be guaranteed $2 million from the Astros to start the season in Triple-A.

After an underwhelming performance with the Astros last season, Singleton’s struggles continued this spring. He struck out 18 times in 50 at-bats after hitting .168 for the season last year.

Instead, the Astros will go with Chris Carter at first base, allowing newly-acquired Evan Gattis to spend the majority of his time at DH.

The contract was seen as a bit of a risk on both ends last season. From the perspective of the Astros, guaranteeing $10 million to a prospect who had been suspended for marijuana use and admitted an addiction to the drug didn’t make everyone excited about the deal. While many players tend to bet on themself, Singleton didn’t. He took the guaranteed money, which would be significantly less than he could’ve made in that time if he turned out to be the player he was projected to be.

It’s far to early to just give up on Singleton, as he’s just 23. But his performance thus far can be called discouraging.

Fortunately for the Astros, it seems like Singleton is a luxury at this point with Carter and Gattis both in the lineup, and an outfield of Colby Rasmus, Jake Marisnick and George Springer can be impressive as well.

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