Powerless Rankings

Arrests and Sour Grapes Headline This Week’s Powerless Rankings

Flopping, sour grapes, and a prostitution sting headline this week’s Powerless Rankings

Happy Sunday, gang. It’s the last one with multiple NFL games until September, so try to enjoy it. Before you sit down with a couple of beers and watch the Seahawks, Packers, Patriots, and Colts try to get to the Super Bowl, take a look at some people who aren’t having as good a week. As always, here are the people having the worst week in sports; it’s the Powerless Rankings:

5. PJ Hairston

Well, there you have it, the early frontrunner for worst flop of the season. Tony Parker goes left, bumps into Hairston, and them someone in the balcony apparently pulled out a sniper and took him out. Only reasonable explanation for a reaction that overdone, that delayed, and that ridiculous. At least in this situation, the ref didn’t call the foul, instead looking down at the stumbling Hairston with a mix of confusion and disgust.

4. Mitchell Skiba

Hate when that happens. Can’t have a worse minute on the ice than Skiba had here. After being ejected from the game, it’s only natural to try to vent a bit. Some people hit the boards. Some smash their stick into the ice. Skiba simply chose the worst possible spot and time to hit his stick, and almost decapitated himself on his way to the locker room. Stick: 1, Skiba 0.

3. Ray Lewis

Hey Ray, have some more sour grapes why don’t you? Lewis was speaking to Stephen A. Smith this week, when he said maybe the dumbest thing about Tom Brady that anyone has ever said, ever:

I wasn’t really sure where to start with why Ray Lewis is an idiot, so I’m just going to go old-school stream-of-consciousness for a second:

Three Super Bowls for Brady, two for Lewis. Immediately won that Super, and two of the next three. The rule was correctly called. But mostly, it takes a lot of nerve to say someone who is far more successful than you is only known because of one career anecdote, when YOU KILLED PEOPLE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. God I hate Ray Lewis. Be more jealous of Brady; you can’t.

2. The Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA: DEC 30 Cavaliers at Hawks

The Cavs are a complete mess right now, on and off the court. Not only is the team – which, in case you forgot, has LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love – only a game over .500 at 21-20 (good for the Eastern Conference six-seed), they’re falling apart. Various reports this week indicate big issues between the front office, coach David Blatt, and the players. There is talk of players ignoring play calls and making them up as they go. Assistant coaches are calling plays and timeouts behind the head coach’s back. And, as always, LeBron is priority one, two, and three, making him the team’s best player, coach, GM, and part-time owner, depending on his mood.

I’ll be honest, when LeBron went back to Cleveland I thought it would allow me to like him again. It hasn’t. He’s still an arrogant, self-righteous, himself-above-the-team type of guy, and watching his new team crash and burn is actually kind of fun. Sorry, Cleveland.

1. Greg Anthony

NBA: MAY 31 NBA Finals - Game 1 - Mavericks at Heat

And your Powerless winner (loser?) this week: former NBA-player turned broadcaster Greg Anthony, who was suspended indefinitely by CBS following his arrest this week. What was he arrested for? The oldest crime in the book: soliciting prostitution.

I’m torn on this one, if we’re being honest. On the one hand, if one consenting adult wants to pay another consenting adult for sex, who am I to judge? I’ve never understood why the whole thing is illegal, and there are far, far worse things someone can do. Now, that being said…

…you have to be better, Greg. To get caught in a prostitution sting is a pretty low point in your life. Especially for a married man, which Anthony is. Your crime really isn’t so bad, but getting caught? That earns you the title of most powerless, and the Worse Week in Sports.

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