New Orleans Saints

Are the Saints the best team in the NFC?

The New Orleans Saints came marching into New Era Field and onto the Buffalo Bills.

Sunday’s 47-10 victory was a blistering reminder that the Saints aren’t some mirage playoff contender that’ll disappear at some point in the season. These Saints went from an 0-2 start to being the most dangerous football team in the NFC. The Philadelphia Eagles might have the best record, but there isn’t a team in the conference better than the Saints right now.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is having a spectacular season, and the Eagles offense is flying as high as anyone can remember. But they are also without much playoff experience. Look at the hot start Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys got off to last season before falling to the Green Bay Packers in their first playoff game. There’s a big difference between playing football in November and playing in January.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a Super Bowl champion, knows a thing or two about playing good football in the postseason.

The future Hall of Fame signal caller is quietly putting together another stellar season that could eventually lead to him being part of the MVP conversation. His completion percentage is better than it’s ever been thanks to solid offensive line play from the big guys up front and a revamped running attack. The addition of rookie Alvin Kamara along with Mark Ingram has given the Saints one of the best running back committees in the league.

But even more the offensive upgrades, the elite defensive play from the Saints is what really sets them apart from everyone else in the NFC. This is easily one of the most well-rounded teams we’ve seen in the Sean Payton era with the Saints. The idea of a top-10 defense complimenting a Brees-led offense should terrify the rest of the league.

Their seven-game win streak is a testament to that.

“Did I think we’d rattle off seven in a row? I’m not sure,” said Brees, according to The Washington Post. “But I think I knew we were much closer than people gave us credit for. I knew that the tide would turn at some point. You hoped it would be sooner than later. You just need a little bit of validation for the process and for all the hard work and dedication that we all had put in and the expectation level that we had for this season.”

Any more validation and the Saints could soon be looking at a spot in the playoffs with a real chance to bring some relevancy back to an organization that was once a perennial contender.

With Brees behind center and the defense looking the best it’s looked in years, they are turning into the one team no one, including the Eagles, wants to see in January.


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