Andre Johnson: Andrew Luck is Best QB in NFL

One thing that has eluded wide receiver Andre Johnson throughout his illustrious NFL career is a star quarterback. Now that he is no longer a member of the Houston Texans and now part of the Indianapolis Colts, he will finally have that benefit.

Andrew Luck is already one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL despite being only 25 years old. Luck has 12,957 yards passing in the first three years of his career, the most for any quarterback in NFL history.

Johnson believes he is already the best.

“He’s a hell of a player,” Johnson told ESPN. “I think he’s the best quarterback in this game.”

That is quite a complement considering players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are still playing at a very high level.

“When you look at all the teams that have won Super Bowls over the past few years, they’ve all had great quarterback play, and we have a great quarterback here,” Johnson said. “I can’t say I’ve been fortunate enough to play with a great quarterback in my 12 years in this league, so I’m able to play with one now.”

The Colts are the clear favorites to win the AFC South and are the New England Patriots’ top contender for the prize of being the best team in the AFC.

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