Aaron Hernandez Trial Goes to Jury

After each closing argument was made, the fate of former New England Patriots star tight end is in the hands of a Massachusetts jury.

Aaron Hernandez, who’s on trial for the murder of his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend Odin Lloyd, now waits to find out if he will be deemed guilty or not guilty.

The defense used 89 of 90 allowed minutes for the closing argument. James Sultan, Hernandez’s attorney, hammered the argument that Hernandez had no motive for killing Lloyd, who was his future brother-in-law and a friend. Sultan pointed out that the two often smoked marijuana together as evidence of their friendship.

Sultan also pointed at the co-defendants, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, as two drug dealers who were using PCP and possibly committed the crime in a violent rage while under the influence of the drug.

Much of the evidence, Sultan argued, should be dismissed or disregarded because of a sloppy police investigation that centered around taking down a celebrity.

The prosecution built a closing argument shooting down the idea that Lloyd and Hernandez were friends, claiming the two had only hung out twice when family wasn’t involved.

Prosecution explained that the Hernandez shown in surveillance cameras at his home didn’t display the actions of a man who had just witnessed a murder. Would Hernandez really hand his eight-month old baby to a man he just watched murder someone and walk away?

That’s the case the prosecution has built, even if it’s around circumstantial evidence. The defense says circumstantial evidence cannot determine first-degree murder.

It will be up to 10 women and five men–a number that will be cut down to 12–to decide what that determination is.

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