5 teams AP poll voters got totally wrong

For the second straight Saturday we received 15 hours of glorious college football goodness, starting with Lamar Jackson and Louisville at noon and concluding with Wazzu’s wild win over Boise State near 3 a.m. ET. Now it’s time to look ahead to Week 3.

We’ve already told you what the latest AP poll should look like – you can find the rankings here – but with the new poll out, the voters have again gotten plenty wrong. Thankfully we’re here to correct all their egregious mistakes.

Here are five:

Oregon Ducks (unranked)

What does a 77-21 victory over Southern Utah, followed by a wild 42-35 victory over a solid Nebraska team get you? If you’re Oregon, just a pat on the back and some neon green Nike gear. What it doesn’t get you is a ranking in the new poll.

We have Oregon ranked in our top 10 — admittedly that may be high, but again, our only criterion is what we see on the field. Even if you think it’s high, what can’t be disputed is that – based on what we’ve seen on the field – Oregon is one of the 25 best teams in college football.

If you want to argue about placement within the poll, fine, but if you don’t think they deserve a ranking somewhere in the top 25, you’re out of your mind.

Georgia Bulldogs (No. 13 – ranked too low)

While Georgia isn’t the only team with a signature win, the thing that separates the Dawgs from Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and USC is that they were in a true road environment. How did the poll voters thank them? By slotting them at No. 13, behind a bunch of teams without signature wins (think Oklahoma State and Wisconsin) or with losses (Florida State and Ohio State).

If you want to argue that a closer-than-it-looks loss to Alabama should keep the Seminoles ranked right where they are, fine, but how can any voter justify putting an Ohio State team which lost by 18 points at home ahead of the Bulldogs? Remember, not only did Georgia beat a team ranked in the top 25, but did it with a true freshman at quarterback.

I haven’t defended Kirby Smart much in the past, but I will here: The Dawgs deserve to be higher. I have them at No. 3 in my poll after Week 2.

Ohio State Buckeyes (No. 8 – ranked too high)

I never believed that media bias really existed – until last year. Then, I had to sit around and spend a week listening to everyone in the media – except me – explain why the Buckeyes belonged in the College Football Playoff ahead of Penn State even though the Buckeyes, you know… LOST TO PENN STATE. I’m not a Nittany Lion fan and yet I’m still mad about that.

Apparently, the media bias for Ohio State knows no end. Somehow the Buckeyes didn’t fall out of the top 10 after an embarrassing loss to Oklahoma at home.

Look, the Sooners are good – no one is denying that — but the idea of placing Georgia, LSU or TCU behind them (teams with signature wins, in road or neutral-site environments) is laughable.

By the way, if you don’t think we should punish a team for losing to a top-10 team, that’s fine, but how do you justify Florida State being ranked behind Ohio State? Keep in mind the Seminoles lost at a neutral site in a game that was more competitive than the Buckeyes, who lost at home. Sad!!

Florida Gators (No. 24 – ranked too high)

I don’t care if the Michigan game was on a neutral field and the Gators were dealing with suspensions – not only should that loss have eliminated the Gators from any poll consideration, but they should have been voted out of the SEC, too. That was the most embarrassing loss for the Gators in years – and this is a team that lived through the Ron Zook era, dammit!

Yet somehow here they are, ranked in the top 25, while other more deserving teams are left out. Like Oregon.


Maryland (unranked)

I will continue to stand on my Maryland soapbox until justice is served! How is D.J. Durkin’s club not ranked? Crab cakes and football! That’s what Maryland does.

Sadly though, the voters continue to overlook the best story in sports – a team which beat a ranked opponent on the road – but I will not!

Put Maryland in the poll. No one is more overlooked than MY Terps (whom I ranked in the top 15 this week).

 Aaron Torres is covering college football for FanRag Sports this season after four years at Fox Sports. Follow him on Twitter @Aaron_Torres, Facebook or e-mail at ATorres00@gmail.com.



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