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5 reasons Andrew Luck going on IR is actually good news for Colts

Yesterday, Indianapolis Colts fans finally heard the message they dreaded from general manager Chris Ballard, “On Andrew (Luck) – we’re going to put Andrew on IR.

And so hope in Indianapolis died.

The 2017 season ended despite eight games remaining on the schedule.

Many conspiracy theorists suspected from the beginning Luck would not take a snap in 2017, but Ballard insisted the situation remained fluid until last week.

Regardless, now that everyone knows that Luck is shelved for the year, the fallout can be sifted into positives and negatives. Because the negatives are obvious, let’s take a look at the plus side of the situation.

Here are the five reasons Luck going on injured reserved is a good thing:

5 – Expectations for fans have cratered. While there was never a real chance the Colts would be a playoff team this season, some fans believed that Luck might ride into Lucas Oil Stadium on a hero’s white steed to lead them to the promised land.

I hear Luck is throwing,” they would whisper as though they were sharing national secrets rather than unfounded rumors about their quarterback.

None of it was true. And without Luck as a rider, that fictitious white horse has broke from its stall, ran in circles, and collapsed from exhaustion. This is a bad football team without a savior, and the only thing to look forward to is the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, which will hasten the Colts rebuild.

4 – No more questions for Chuck Pagano. At least this is good news for Pagano, who grew tired of “Is Luck throwing?” questions during OTAs. While I’m sure Pagano would rather have Luck available at some point, not answering that one question he came to dread during every media availability is a reasonable consolation prize.

3 – No footsteps coming behind Jacoby Brissett. He’s an unflappable sort, so I’m not sure Brissett ever felt Luck looming behind him, but the keys to the 2017 Colts offense now lives with Brissett’s right hand.

2 – 2017 was never Ballard’s endgame anyway. Whether Luck was healthy from the beginning of the season or not, the Colts were still going to slog through a tough 2017. The Colts roster had too many holes to be filled during one offseason when Ballard took the Colts job. Rebuilding a team coming off four straight mediocre-to-terrible drafts is a multiyear endeavor. Luck’s long-term viability — and thus the Colts championship hopes — might have been helped by rehabbing his wounded wing.

1 – No relapse or re-aggravation due to relentless pounding. I assume it was a coincidence that the recent medical assessments of Luck’s shoulder occurred immediately after Brissett was tenderized by the Jaguars defense to the tune of 10 sacks. If I had been Luck, my private jet would have been fueled and ready for a quick trip to Dr. James Andrews office in Alabama by the time Brissett’s butt hit the turf the fifth time. On injured reserve, Luck is as certain not to be sacked, as are you and me.


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